For Sale.

 The BarnsTwo weeks ago, The Barns went up for sale with Sotheby’s. Check it out I want to share some details not on the web.

The Barns 1997This is how it looked on Labor Day Weekend, 1997. Three former dairy (and sheep) barns, located appropriately on Barnum Street, right? With a top notch architect, also a friend (and still one) and excellent builder (all local), we set about transforming this into a family home.

 Library doorsIt was a great project. I toured salvage yards all over New England to source 6 vertical panel doors, door hardware (Bennington Pottery doorknobs) as well as pedestal sinks and architectural details to be incorporated into the design. Our architect was very patient with me! These beveled glass library doors originally were from Belgium.

Early Morning Cloudsbarns from creekThe Barns Early morning meadowsBut nothing can compete with the most amazing views in all directions and in all weathers.

Map RoomThe map room is just that – a room wallpapered with maps from huge topogaphic maps to pages from old European Baedaker guide books.

Poultry BathroomThe adjacent bathroom came about when I found a collection of old state fair poultry award ribbons. The chicken wire wallpaper goes up to the border of old siding.

Ladder and the CrowThis ladder was found in the barn. When the carpenters repositioned it, they called it the ladder to nowhere. It is watched over by a metal crow.

 Wooden Boss on BeamThe cut end of that beam (allowing for a hall way) is finished with wood ‘bosses’, reproductions of those found in English churches.

 Trophy WallThis curved entrance wall encloses the pantry on its kitchen side. It is faced with red siding from the front of the barn. A black painted gardener’s trophy is made from flea market garden tools. The carpenter’s helped me assemble it right to the wall.

Milk House and wildflowersThis was the original milk house, dating to the mid 1700’s. In the 1940’s it was fitted out with 18C windows and a door with a pretty pediment. It has to be the cutest floral design storage room in the country!

Early Morning Garden SideAny takers?  Cheers!

About Susan

Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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6 Responses to For Sale.

  1. Elaine Burke says:

    You created a real treasure, Susan! I hope some lucky person will appreciate and enjoy it.

  2. betsy shequine says:

    Susan: This is a surprise. I hope we are not losing you, in any sense of the word!! What would MGC do without you?

  3. susan seidel says:

    Where are you going?

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