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Berkshire Botanical Garden dayliliesThe Berkshire Botanical Garden was founded in 1936 (as the Berkshire Garden Center) by the Lenox Garden Club. Located on 15 acres in Stockbridge MA, it comes into its own during the late Spring and Summer months.

BBG metal flagsA delightful show called “Windswept: The Garden celebrates the beauty of wind” has flown into the Garden for this summer. Curated by the architecture and design shop called R T Facts, Kent CT, the show features sculptural pieces from their collections like the antique metal flags shown in front of the center house, the garden’s first structure.

Pond R T FactsParts of antique weathervanes populate the pond. If you look closely you can see a heron, a fish and an eagle, all from R T Facts.

 Pond and heronThis close-up of the heron shows its colorful patina.

Yellow ZingerMany larger pieces are by nationally known artists like Tim Prentice of Cornwall CT. This kinetic sculpture is called Yellow Zinger and it snakes a long distance down the shaded pathway.

Yellow Zinger in the treesLooking up into the trees, it brightens the path like a demented lightning bolt.

 Yellow Zinger detailA close-up shows the complicated wire construction and the individual yellow patches that move and sway with the wind.

Garden SequinsStanding like purple sentinels in a large patch of Gunnera, Garden Sequins by Richard Griggs acts like super skinny scarecrows made out of vertical geometric forms of the purple posts contrasted with the ornamentation of reflecting and moving discs of CDs.

Garden Sequins detailA close-up shows the construction of the ‘sequins’.

Memorialized in WhiteSeen from a distance, Suzanne Heilmann’s Memorialized in White captures the long-lost summer innocence of clothes drying in the sunshine.

 Memorialized in White closeupOn closer inspection, the row of mostly children’s clothing, permanently immortalized takes on a more chilling aspect. The fact that the actual clothes, either cast or dunked repeatedly in plaster, are very heavy and do not billow and flow in the wind contributes to this somber effect.

White plaster dressAt the Visitor’s Center, a child’s dress is framed and exhibited in its ruffled splendor, a peek at things to come.

 BBG GardenA visit to the Garden in any season is a treat!


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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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