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 Hard at Work bannerIt is always a treat to attend a floral design workshop. Hopefully, the teacher has chosen beautiful materials to use and attractive containers.   In September, a delightful group of Rochester NY ladies spent the day making two very different designs.

Modern mass with Hypericum berries Modern Mass with rosesThey began with a modern mass design in a slim green container. The materials used were Rosa ‘Cherry Brandy’ with its subtly darker outer petals, a coral mini carnation, coral tulips, green Hypericum, tiny button mums in chartreuse green, lily turf grass and a green/cream/burgundy striped Leucadendron, a kind of Protea.

Happy students with designsThe happy students pose with their designs and soon after,  we were spoiled with a delicious hot lunch!! Yum – thanks, VC.

Underwater design with callasThe afternoon session delved into the world of underwater designs using a handsome container from from Target – Threshold Large Globe Glass Vase http://www.target.com. At 11.5” x 7.5”, the opening is large enough to get your hands, making it easier to work with the materials.   This container was last seen in “Blooming Birthday, part two” (see Archives, June 2013).

Callas and orchids underwaterDesigners had Monstera ‘Xanadu’, the distinctive dark green leaf, curly willow, purple Dendrobium orchids, variegated Aspidistra leaves, Anthurium obake ‘Rainbow’ and mini calla lilies in the most beautiful shades of blushing pink. The callas were not the really smallest ones, but had good stems for curving around in the space.

 Underwater with AnthuriumMechanics were passed out in brightly colored bags and included a 1” pin holder, florist clay, glue dots, small light green glass stones (Michael’s Crafts) and chartreuse aluminium wire (www.jamaligarden.com).

Underwater with OrchidsIn the GCA, underwater designs are those in which all or part of the design is submerged in water.  The emphasis is on the design being in water; not just a group of stems in water. Filling the container to the top changes the design by its marvelous magnification of what’s inside.

Underwater design with layersBecause of carrying it back home, not everyone wanted to put the water in. However, it is easily siphoned off with a length of plastic tubing.

 Underwater Willow weavingAfter some initial hesitation, all the students had fun with this concept, as there was no right or wrong way to do it – just creative expression. Most of these flowers above rise up from the pin holder, hidden by stones, with the willow circling the design.

 Underwater Xanadu leavesThe truly lovely and very fresh Anthurium, orchids and ‘Xanadu’ leaves came directly from Hawaii to Rochester, courtesy of Green Point Nurseries. Visit their website and drool… http://greenpointnursery.com. Their tropical flowers and foliage are always just picked and beautifully packed. It is a complete joy to work with such perfect flowers. Thanks, Green Point and thanks ACGC!!



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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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