Florescence: ILLUSIONS part 2

Museum of Fine Arts HoustonThe galleries at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston (see last post), were filled with dynamic and inventive floral designs interpreting both works of art and the designers’ fantasies.

 Fenwick Medal SynergisticThe prestigious GCA Fenwick Medal was captured by this lush synergistic design on two pedestals in a class called “Altered States”. The judges said: “Subtle interwoven elegance creates a tapestry of Beauty.”

 Virtual Reality First Place“Virtual Reality” was a class of designs inspired by a mix of American painters, sculptors, and decorative artists. The response was a treat for all the visitors. First place was awarded to this accomplished modern mass design, reflecting the luminous colors of a vase by Louis Comfort Tiffany.

   Swift MedalThis bold design with its dynamic tension won the Carol Coffee Swift Medal of Excellence for “an exhibit of great distinction”. The powerful gourds are just hesitating to link up just like the hands on the pair of dancing figures by Elie Nadelman called “Tango” that was the inspiration.

 American made abstrasctAnother striking design in “Virtual Reality” was based on the Peinture/Nature Mort by Patrick Henry Brace is just visible in the far left side. The abstract forms of the design and the colors echo the intense geometry of the work of art.

Provisional class PortalProvisional members of both the GC of Houston and the River Oaks Garden Club were in a class called “Enchanted Portal”. This dynamic design was a clear winner.

 Symonds MedalAnother class called “Masters of Deception” drew a cadre of talent. This swirling design combines hapene (skeletonized flax leaves) and caning interwoven with metallic finished Foam Core and a geometrically lacy banding. All of it twists around a slightly glimpsed sculptural head. The judges gave it the Ann Clover Symonds Medal.

 Best IN ShowWinner of first place in “Masters of Deception”, this unique design had a witty intent: “ Trickery…squint your eyes and objects begin to rise”. No trickery was involved in awarding it Best In Show. It was created from fir, crespedia and two varieties of orchids.

 Emily THompson VegetablesA large crowd of chic Houstonians filled the auditorium to hear Brooklyn-based floral designer Emily Thompson who delighted them with her sculptural, charming designs like this one of ruby, claret and wine vegetables.

 Emily Thompson GreensGreen foliage of many shapes, textures and tones form a handsome design in a tall green container.

 Emily THompson MagnoliaBrilliant white magnolias and their striking foliage circle through this asymmetrical design.


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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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