Flora in Winter

 Flora in Winter

Regular followers know that the end of January heralds the first peek at Spring – well, a sort of Spring of heavenly blooms at the Worcester Art Museum’s Flora in Winter.  The last weekend of January brings crowds of visitors to the museum to see the work of two dozen designers and a bevy of professional florists.

 Christ's Descent into Limbo

The most challenging paintings are the religious images with their dramatic tension and layers of meaning.  This designer chose a huge variety of textures to symbolize the many demons, monsters and hellfire.

 Holy Family

 Holy Family & Saints

Holy Family & Saints proved to be a colorist’s candy box – look at all the shades in the painting so carefully tucked into the design of great dignity.

Grape-vine screenThe first floor Asian galleries have many lovely works of art.  This Grape Vine Screen is challenging because no fruits are allowed in the museum.  The designer has used the carnations and hypericum to emulate the fruits on the screen.

 Shakyamuni Buddha


The designer who chose Standing Shakyamuni Buddha was drawn to “its texture, depth, dimension and the strength of the posture”.  Amaryllis, Anthurium, Lotus flowers and Cecropia leaves give textural variety and depth to the design.

 Russell Sturgis

Russel Sturgis by Gilbert Stuart portrays a rather eccentric gentleman in his fur robe and completely crazy hairdo.  The design, on a tilted surface, displays much the same complexity of texture and quirkiness of the painting.

 Static Variations

Variations closeupThere aren’t many contemporary works of art chosen for Flora designers and those that are selected are much sought after.  This designer totally capture Static Variations: Blue x 2.  Nothing static about these meticulously crafted containers (by a willing husband).  Notice in the detail – green galax behind the white callas and dark galax behind the black callas.

 Church Interior Church interior detail

WAM Church side viewThree photos of my favorite in the exhibition!!   Above, top, the church interior on the left is the inspiration.  The designer, who is a potter as well, made the ingenious container to echo the Gothic architecture.  She also chose a magnificent assortment of flowers to portray a mass design with the instincts of classic Dutch still-life of the same 16C period.  The beauty of the flowers caused many to marvel and linger.  Congratulations Flora in Winter!  I’m sorry I didn’t get pictures of all the designs.





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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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  1. Sarah Ribeiro says:

    Absolute gorgeous photography that captured the beautiful arrangements !!!
    How thrilling to see all these designs on your web site.

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