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Albany Institute of History & Art

Albany Institute of History & Art

Albany Institute of History and Art

Albany Institute of History and Art

GCA flower shows are alive and well in New York State, where Zone III has a show each week until July. This past week, Fort Orange Garden Club produced FINE POINTS, a handsome show displayed in museum galleries in the heart of downtown Albany. The Albany Institute of History and Art was founded in 1791. It’s collections represent the historic and cultural riches of the upper Hudson Valley.

FINE POINTS Horticulture DivisonAs in most of New England, spring came late to Albany. However it arrived just in time for these lovely horticultural entries of peony, Viburnum, lilac, hydrangea, Philadelphus.

GCA Rosie Jones Award  winnerThe coveted GCA Rosie Jones Horticulture Award recognizes the joy of growing. This diminutive collection (8″ or less) of flowers and foliage shouts “Spring Joy”, doesn’t it?

Cache a treasure box first placeBotanical Arts Division classes reflected many of the objects in the museum’s collection. “Cache” was won with this colorful and whimsical design in Botanical Embellishment. The dragon slides sinuously out of the slightly opened box. In embellishment classes, the box or other object doesn’t need to be completely concealed.

"Lady of the Nile" necklace first place“The Lady of the Nile” class called for a necklace. The current show “The Mummies of Albany” is reflected in this beautiful first prize necklace which also won Best in Show in Botanical Arts. All that you see is dried plant material, beautifully crafted and finished like real jewelry.

Dutch Tile Motif blue ribbon winnerDutch Tile key cardA matte white tile was supplied for “Accent on a Dutch Motif”. This first place winning designer used pressed petal and leaves to create this design, inspired by a Pennsylvania Dutch fraktur in her family’s heritage. The vibrant colors of the materials were used naturally.

Hudson Valley Wine Trail table class blue ribbonThe floral design classes in FINE POINTS reflected the area and the elements of design used by the artists in the museum’s collection. “In Reserve: The Dutchess Wine Trail moves along the Hudson Valley” challenged designers to serve up some wine in a functional table design. The blue ribbon winner floated a modern design above the grapes and glasses.

 Avant-garde blue ribbonThe ever-expanding collection of contemporary art in the museum furnished the idea of this class called “Avant-garde: pushing the boundaries of the status quo”. Black mesh ribbon along with a inverted mess form are set off with bright yellow gerbera and Craspedia globoso.

Brushstrokes First prize“Brushstrokes: the artist is granted free license in creating his masterpiece” elicited some of the most clever interpretations of the show. This towering first place design is hard to see versus its background but the grand gesture of the brushstrokes are dynamic and clear.

Miniature design winnerMiniature design classes are especially challenging which is why I am always surprised that so many novice designers enter them. Perhaps since they have to be no larger than 5”, they seem to be easy. “Miniutiae: within the touch of the artist” was won by this design with its diminutive artist’s palette and red paint brush just visible in the vase.

Alternative winner and BISBest In Show in Floral Design and the Harriet DeWaele Puckett Creativity Award went to this imaginative design in “Alternatives: George Rickey set art in motion with his kinetic sculpture”. Hanging in the foyer, Etoile Variation V, a George Rickey sculpture was the inspiration for the designers in this class. This well- balanced design gently moved, creating always interesting variations of itself… a tour de force of well-crafted ingenuity in a class which earned a Judges Commendation.

Congratulations to all the winners!  Cheers!

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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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  1. Ann H. says:

    I love these posts, keep them coming! I always feel like I have been to the show myself after looking at your photos! Thanks for sharing!

    • Susan says:

      Hi Ann — Thanks so much. The schedule is posted on the GCA website. It is for members only. Cheers Susan

  2. Sylvia Abbott says:

    Great coverage of what looks like a wonderful flower show in a beautiful venue! Congratulations to Fort Orange!

  3. Alexandra says:

    Love the dragon slinking out of the box!

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