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Philadelphia Flower Show

PHS was given a wide assortment of posters of the National Parks by the Park Service.  From that they created the class called Park Poster.  This class was staged in the largest floral design display area of the show – each entry is on a platform 8′ x 8′ against a 10′ wall.  Two sizes of pedestals are available to designers from the show.   The exhibitor is sent a poster of the park they are to interpret.  As you will see these posters varied widely, and they were displayed in the space on a black easel.

 Park Poster Golden Gate NP

As you will see, the posters varied in size and design, and ultimately it is about the poster more than the National Park.   FIRST and Best of the Day and Best of the Poster Class for the Week — Golden Gate Park — this meticulous construction echoed the architecture of the bridge as seen in the poster.

 Poster Everglades NPSecond – Everglades NP – who could have failed to be charmed by the circular forms and the gorgeous plant materials of this design?

 Park Poster Cape Cod

Third — Cape Cod National Seashore.  This was a challenge for me as the first idea looked like a lollipop and the second like a barber pole.

 Park Poster Chaco

HM Chaco NP – this was the most beautifully colored and textural of all the entries in the class.


Friday’s Posters were again as varied but concentrated on memorial sites.  FIRST – this traditional mass arrangement was a tribute to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial.

 Jefferson Memorial

SECOND — The architecture of the Jefferson Memorial is created with a variety of plant material of interesting textures.


Third – the warm embrace of Martin Luther King emerges from this fascinating tube construction.  The modern mass design used sunflowers (petals removed) orchids, leucadendron and anthurium.

Washington Monument

HM -Washington Monument NP – Serene callas lilies and white branches soar like the monument.



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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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