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Philadelphia Flower Show

It’s time to share the Floral Design Classes from this show, dedicated to the fascinating array of National Parks on their hundredth birthday.  Thanks to those who shared some photos with me, as I only attended the last half of the week long show.

Natural Beauty Arch

The pedestal classes were a challenge to photograph as they were seen in the round (judged from the front) and ‘backed up’ to the aisle of Pressed Plant exhibits.  This imaginative design on two pedestals won the class and Best of the Day on opening day – Natural Beauty — Arch, and then went on to win Best of the Week for Pedestal!  BRAVA!

 Natural Beauty Big Bend

 Big Bend First

Different day, same space — Natural Beauty — Big Bend,  two very different and accomplished interpretations of the class theme which showed the excitement of this creative endeavor we all love.  Top, placing Second, a very contemporary design used the swoops and bends of wires and middolino to create the rhythm.  Below, FIRST was an elongated Hogarth curve of magnificent gray plant materials.

 Glacier Second

 Glacier First

Natural Beauty — Glacier on the last Friday.  All week the designers had the option to use a second pedestal provided by the show.  Top, second, this designer took advantage of that option, carrying the black mitsumata branches over to another pedestal.  Below, FIRST, a beautiful container with an array of luscious white flowers was contrasted by the bare manzanita branches.

 Daniella Boone

 Stars and Stripes First

Heads Up, the hat class continued to be really popular with show visitors.  Top, FIRST and Best of the Day in Heads Up — Explorers was a witty and charming design created for “Daniella Boone” that must have been hours and hours in the construction.  Below, FIRST, Best of the Day in Heads Up — Stars and Stripes was this dramatically rhythmic hat made from rice, star anise, eryngium, and goji berries (Lycium barbarum), the latter being new to me.  We who judged this class were excited by this level of creativity and imagination!

 Ebb and Flow

People and parks FIRST

Backed Pedestals were a new staging this year.  The classes were called People and Parks.  On Wednesday when I was arriving to put in an entry, I was privileged to see these entries Monday’s class People and Parks — Ebb and Flow before they were whisked out of the space!!  Both designs used an underwater idea, though the top only hinted at it with the shiny stones.  The stunning design that won both FIRST and Best of the Day, below, was a master class in difficult challenges of designing underwater.  The placement of the ascending anthurium is beautifully contrasted with the placement of the bleached willow sticks in the rectangular vase.  A masterpiece!!

 Glamping Second

 Glamping First

The second half of the week these pedestals were turned over to Exhibition Table classes.  Glamping, which I am told is glamorous camping was the Wednesday class.  Top, second and bottom, FIRST, show a kind of camping I’ve never seen before!


 state dinner

 State Dinner Nelson Mandela

On Friday, Glamping gave way to State Dinners – so I guess there have been Presidential state dinners in some of our Parks.  Top, your reporter didn’t get the name of the guest on this second prize winner.  I love the cool color scheme and the geometric forms.  Below, Nelson Mandela was the guest of honor  in the FIRST place winner.

Hope your Easter was happy!!


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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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