Dutch Courage

Snow Barnum StreetSome days, like today with its’ balmy 35 degrees, are beautiful with the late day sun making wonderful patterns over the piles and piles of snow.

 Snowing on Bull Hill RoadOther days, like yesterday, are snow, snow and more snow…and it gets a little discouraging. It as though Mama Nature doesn’t want any brown snow to show so she paints it again every day. Time for some floral Dutch courage.

 Handmade Basket with HandleI haven’t used this basket in years. It originally came with birthday flowers from a chic Wilmington florist.  The original design included beautiful yellow broom that cascaded across and up the handle.

 Basket with Midolino and Pussy Willow Buds To brighten its’ rather faded appearance, I have woven lime midolino sticks through the handle and around the rim of the container. Inside is a kenzan, a lead pin holder with its own water cup, and a mulch of pussy willow buds.

 Basket with iris and FreesiaThe grocery store was selling bunches of cobalt blue hyacinths along with a surprisingly attractive mix (done at the store) they called Dutch Bouquet. This bunch contained a couple of each flower: Iris, Freesia, and Tulipa,

Susan DetjensDutch orange appears in only two tulips but the combination of these tulips with the intense blue of the Iris and hyacinth, plus the pops of yellow tulips and Freesia creates a very old Dutch master color combination. This is our floral Dutch Courage!!

FLY  with the snow manMy Winter mascot and I shout Prosit!


About Susan

Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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