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Hypertufa dish garden close-up  turtleSucculents are the plants of the moment. Their fascinating shapes and colorful variety combined with their laissez-faire care requirements make them in demand for planters inside and out. In a Bill Cunningham-esque sequence, everywhere I go I have been seeing dish gardens with succulents.

 Colorful dish gardenI hope I won’t embarrass my horticultural followers by pretending any horticultural knowledge here but I am guessing that the colorful plants are a moon cactus? These baby owls are hiding out among the succulents, too, in a hand-made hypertufa container.

 Virginia hypertufa dish gardenIn Virginia, these hypertufa containers were filled with a handsome variety of succulents. Going out on the botanical limb again to guess that the hippo-mouth-looking-plant is a Pleiospilos nelii, commonly called split rock plant for obvious reasons.

Dish garden with a blue poolOn Long Island earlier in the month of June, a gala party was successfully decorated with dish gardens surrounded by candlelight. Deep blue pots welcomed guests to the yacht club.

Garden with a Pool and benchEach pot was different in the selection of plants used along with charming miniatures. The candles, interestingly in groups of threes, began to glow and the gardens became more shadowy and atmospheric.

Copper Watering CansCharming copper accessories in excellent scale were woven through the taller plants in this garden setting. The copper makes a really distinctive contrast for the dish garden.

 Outside the floristOutside of Kamilla’s Florist in Millerton NY, an old hollowed tree stump serves as the dish for this assemblage of succulents both planted and potted. The pots and shards serve as colorful accents in the design.

 Dish garden with Candle holderInside the shop are a number of dish gardens designed to hold a candle as well. This one has the addition of wrapped cane ornaments for textural contrast. Their see-though quality opens up the design.

 Tabletop garden Succulents Dish GardenDish gardens would be fun to plant with vacationing children. There are a lot of websites selling these little plants which can’t cost much to ship.

Asterias superkabutoWith plants like Asterias ‘superkabuto’ out there, what have you got to lose?  One succulents and cactus site with good pictures is, but I’ve never used the site for plants. Have fun!




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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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