Daylily season…

July 4th daylilyJuly 4th brings the start of daylily season here in The Berkshires

Daylily borderI love red daylilies and have a double border of them in the garden.    This year’s crop is getting off to a slow start thanks to the deer, who after ten years of ignorance, found the tender little buds last month.

Daylily portraitTheir ephemeral quality – here today, gone tomorrow – is part of their charm.

Hardy daylily farmNearby is the Hardy Daylily Farm which sits on an acre or two in the backyard of two artists close to the Housatonic River.  Like the daylilies themselves, it opens on the Fourth of July Weekend in Salisbury CT and closes at the end of the daylily season.

Yellow daylilies at HardyThe daylilies there are lush and happy with swelling buds after the rains, but only some are just beginning to open. The system here is to put a tall stake near each plant you want.  They will dig them up and bag them for you.  Easy-peasy!

Christmas Ribbons daylilyToday I bought two new ones.  This one is Christmas Ribbons – isn’t that a lovely name?  This has a spider form that I find very expressive just like long fingered hands in the garden.  The red is more ruby than the photo.  Photographing reds is a tough as photographing blues.  For the most the reds are richer than on the screen.

Dark and light dayliliesFrom last summer, a kind of ying and yang of tones.

Alabama Jubilee daylilyThese push the red envelope but look luscious.  From White Flower Farm, they are called “Alabama Jubilee”.

Yesterday's liliesHowever, the dark reds are my hands down favorites. They can stain so I am careful when I deadhead them.  Just brushing your shirt against a spent blossom can look like a crime scene!

California July 4th designThe Princess of Pasadena shared this holiday arrangement.  Happy Fourth of July!  Of course, if you don’t get this til the 6th or so, the gremlins have been at work again.




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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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