Dahlias on parade

Dahlia in DublinDahlias are another ‘Summer-only” flower that charms us and then leaves.  It is a most challenging flower to arrange as it’s look-at-me-attitude can over power designs.  In August, this brilliant peppermint striped dahlia was placed to completely steal the show with only the purple lights for competition.

Flower Frogs with DahliasRemember too, that I used golden dahlias to entertain the real estate brokers looking at my house.  These were floating in a stainless steel tray amongst the lead flower frogs.

 Dahlias at Campo de FioriThese spectacular blooms were glowing at Campo de Fiori last week when P. S. came to visit.  They have the luscious ombre effect of a beautiful chiffon dress.

BBG bi-colored Dahlia Dahlia TRio Miss G's Show StopperAt the Berkshire Botanical Garden’s Flower Show called Rainwater….weather or not”, these diverse and lovely dahlias were exhibited to great acclaim.  My favorite is just above – a showstopper beautifully grown by Miss G!!

White DahliaAnother in the show was this almost pure white dahlia – is the slight plum blush at the center supposed to be there or not-wanted-at-all??????  I think it is very subtle and makes the white – well, whiter.

 Dahlia EleganceI am always seduced by red dahlias – these are among the most beautiful, EVER.

 Mixed DahliasThis summer’s crop seemed to be bigger and better than usual.


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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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