Christmas ritual #1

Pulitzer Fountain at the Plaza


The Pulitzer Fountain sits in the square formed by the Plaza Hotel and Bergdorf Goodman.  For Christmas, each tier of the fountain is filled with simple Christmas trees with strings of small white lights.  This is the epicenter of my first Christmas ritual – visiting the holiday windows of Bergdorf Goodman!

"Arbor Day" in Holiday on IceThe Bergdorf windows are unbelievably difficult to photograph.  I had the benefit of a cloudy day, but nothing will remove the reflections especially those of the GM building. “Holiday on Ice” is the theme of this year’s windows.  Each scene is a different holiday with many of the major holidays in small windows. Each window has delicious fashion, set among major and minor ‘ice’ sculptures. This window, “Arbor Day”, follows the roots to the tips of a huge tree.

Alexander McQueen frockSwinging insouciantly on a lower branch is a wondrous embroidered dress from Alexander McQueen.  Often the fashion are specially commissioned for the window’s theme.

"Arbor Day" crittersTraveling across the landscape are a wondrous group of exquisitely detailed creatures and critters.

"Valentine's day"“Valentine’s Day” is dominated by a huge Chippendale “ice” breakfront secretary and chandelier standing in front of a wall of pink, pink and pinker silk roses.  Notice the ‘ice’ poodle at her feet.

Valentine's Day lettersValentine’s cards and letters wait to be written among candies, cupcakes and cakes…….and just visible….icicles.

Pink cakes and candyMore cakes and icicles….   The documentary, “Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s“, is a delightful tribute to this great store and includes following Bergdorf’s chief window designer and his crew as they put together the Christmas windows.

"Halloween" and Vanderbilt mansion“Halloween“, the window closest to GM and dark blue, couldn’t, wouldn’t be photographed clearly.  On the spot, I couldn’t even see it easily.  Centered on a 12’ mannequin in a Naeem Khan black dress with iridescent feathers, is a replica of part of the original Vanderbilt mansion that stood for years before Bergorf’s was built in 1928.  Above are photographs of the original mansion built in 1883.

 Tiffany & Co.Diagonally across 57th street sits Tiffany’s – covered in a roof and streetscape that is reflected in the Christmas windows.  I was rather amazed that the granite Tiffany’s was covered with drawings.

Tiffany tape packageThey turned out to be tape!!

Tiffany Christmas window streetscapesThe streetscapes in the Tiffany windows are charming – old snowy New York – brightened with hints of Tiffany blue and the glint of jewels.

 Tiffany kissing coupleCouples kissing under the mistletoe.  Maybe a couple will be inspired and a proposal will be made?

 Tiffany ringsAnd maybe he’ll bring his bride here and chose a ring from this window!!  Which one would you choose?


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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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7 Responses to Christmas ritual #1

  1. Carole says:

    Always love the signature turquoise !

  2. Renate Cohen says:

    This is an absolutely delightful blog, and the pictures are great. This is the next best thing to actually going to NY for the Holiday Season to shop, browse and get in the Holiday Spirit! Renate

  3. Karen Detjens says:

    Hi Susan!
    I love seeing the festive holiday windows! Tiffany’s is my favorite! Love to you all on the East coast! Karen

  4. Alexandra Donovan says:

    Love the NYC windows!

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