Christmas coming closer…

STAR tree at The BarnsIt’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas even more than last week, though sadly the 50-60 degree temperatures have decimated all our pretty snow.  One Christmas tree tradition has been passed to the next generation – the star tree.  This began umpteen years ago when the Bride worked in Washington DC for the S.T.A.R. project.  We transformed the NGO project into a Christmas tree.

Bingo starSlowly we collected all kinds of star ornaments and garlands.  You’d be surprised at how many wonderfully imaginative stars there are out there – to wit, BINGO!

The Bride's star treeThe Bride and Groom are now the keepers of the STAR tree, decorated last week in time for their annual Christmas party.

 Lavish cinnamon sticksWhat an exuberance of cinnamon sticks!  This was seen much too late to emulate for 2013, but 2014…maybe, if these super long cinnamon sticks can be found.

California creationsOn the West Coast, the Creative Californian has made a beautifully shaped tree from natural branches, held in place with rocks (very ikebana) and decorated with more natural beauties – here are two:  a willow ball with tiny delicate succulents and a nest with copper wire, NZ flax and some copper wire.

Belgian Bakery snowmanA new Belgian bakery opened in near us in NYC, here is part of their holiday window – cotton balls and lots of cute, delicious snowmen.

Santa's cute elvesThe Nominator’s elves might not be tasty but they are adorable and jaunty!!

Christmas crowHere at The Barns, the animals have their ribbons again.

Milk house wreathThe wreaths are up on all the farm gates and the milk house, which you can see still hasn’t gotten its’ coat of paint.  I’m past apologizing.

Wreaths at The BarnsAnd the front doors have a shimmery theme this year!

Merry Christmas Cheers!



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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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4 Responses to Christmas coming closer…

  1. Lisa Gerard says:

    Loved the Cinnamon sticks.
    A must for next year!

  2. Alexandra says:

    How wonderful must those cinnamon sticks smell. A definite must for 2014!! I volunteer for the search party as well

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