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Charleston GatesWe are back in Charleston where we left off in the last post.  Over three dozen women came from across the US to participate in or assist with a flower filled workshop superbly organized by the GCA’s own southern belle – JulieJulieJulie.

Gudrun CottenierOur charming and talented teacher was Gudrun Cottenier who has her own flower school in Belgium called The Green Imagination.  The philosophy behind her designs is to create interesting containers and use her imagination to fill them.

Enchanting flower orbsThese orbs were created with balloons and plaster of Paris strips.   Those of you reading on the website will see these across the top banner.

Aspidistra and a roseAspidistra leaves were coiled for a winding effect around the beautiful rose.

"Cherry Brandy" rose and lemon leavesLemon leaves encircle this magnificent rose called “Cherry Brandy”.

Glorious basket by GudrunThis gorgeous basket made by Gudrun is created on an easily made wire frame.

Basket how-toTen heavy gauge wires, brought from Europe, were each first wound with brown florist tape.  Then, gathered together at each end and secured with more of the same tape.  Finally, the wires are separated and splayed apart to create the shape desired.  Floral water tubes were disguised with bind wire as shown here or more floral tape.

Gloriosa lily basketBaskets were inter-woven with the left0ver stems of lemon leaves or ivy.  Finally the striking gloriosa lilies were placed in the tubes.  Part two of these creative designs on Thursday.




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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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