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St. Phillips, CharlestonLast week I fell in love with Charleston, South Carolina!  Beautiful, warm late autumn days, in a charming historic city — it was a coup de foudre!  Charleston is home to over 40 churches whose spires pierce the low skyline, giving it its’ name ‘The Holy City’.  Above is St. Phillips Church.  The road just jogs around the portico on aptly named Church Street.

St. Micheal's CemeterySt. Michael’s, Broad and Meeting Street, has a lovely, well tended cemetery with interesting gravestones.

Longitude LaneBetween the main streets run some pedestrian only passages.  This one is called Longitude Lane.

King Street GardenArmchair travelers can visit Charleston through the delightful garden cum memoir “Mrs. Whaley’s Charleston Garden” by Emily Whaley.  Published in 1997, octogenarian Mrs. Whaley spins a beguiling tale of Charleston and gardening.

Charleston gardenMost houses in the historic district have enclosed gardens.  This one is more spacious than most with a pretty fountain.  Many gardens had the lovely and cooling sounds of fountains which are easily heard in the small spaces.

Camellias on the grassCamellias, boxwood, ivy, roses, ferns and many evergreen shrubs not hardy here in the Berkshires add year round textural interest to these enclosed spaces.  Happily many are seen easily while strolling the streets.

Halloween pumpkinWhat captivated me the most are the ‘single’ houses, set perpendicular to the street, with long multi-storied open porches.  At the street, the front door is set in the end wall of the building. Open the door, et voila, you step outside again.

Single house porchesThis view gives a better idea of the porches placed to capture the river breezes.

Church Street doorA most elegant door on Church Street keeps the porch very private.  Don’t you love the elegant fanlight over the door?

Halloween ghosts on King StreetAlong with gardens, lush window boxes decorate the homes.  This one is almost tastefully macabre!

Renaissance flowersOf course, I was there for the flowers…more about that next time.






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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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