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Tacoma Art Museum Glass circlesAs if the pleasures of the beautiful glass in the previous posts weren’t enough, my weekend in Tacoma also provided another chance to spend time with uber-creative floral designer Hitomi Gilliam, as part of a GCA Judging Workshop.

 HorizontalParticipants were treated to 5 strong designs in what Hitomi characterized as “Interpretive Vegetative” style. The container for this horizontal design barely shows behind the central flowers. It is a bright bronze ceramic vase with the small opening; the design being mostly constructed across the top of it.

Anthurium in horizontal designHorizontal design helleboresGreen and white obake Anthurium, Dusty Miller, Scabiosa, plumose fern, wihite willow sticks and willow branches contribute to the sweep of the design. Sweet green and white hellebores are tucked into little areas.

Lichen and OrchidsThe second design rose majestically through a cloud of white Phalenopsis orchids. Fiddleheads of ferns are visible above the orchids too.

blog Hitomi Gilliam Orchids closeupLichen covered twigs help create the distinctive shape. Succulents are tucked in at the base of the design.

standing design constructionHitomi loves to source stands for designs from IKEA. This white stand is a lamp base. Its’ weighted bottom makes it a great base for a design and it comes in sections that screw together making it easy to get the height you want. IKEA NOT lamp – $9.99 – in white or black. How easy is that?

Oasis Euro bouquet holderThe lamp ‘socket’ is combined with a European bouquet holder from Oasis. This is a 7.5” diameter foam circle on a strong plate with a handle. From Marshall Products:–OASIS-Round-European-Bouquet-Holder–by-the-piece_p_1449.html. I imagine once it was hydrated and filled with flowers, it would be the heaviest bouquet imaginable!

Euro bouquet Oasis plateHowever for this use, it can even be punctured from the bottom for insertions underneath.

standing design with helaconiaThis striking Helaconia is called “Sexy Pink” – pretty gorgeous isn’t it? Added into the mix are more lichen branches, red and hot pink orchids, whaleback leaves, Crespedia, manipulated aspidistra and hala leaves.

Vegetative GardenVegetative closeuplichen closeupMore hellebores wind through this densely planted design with succulents, twigs and passion flower vine.

Helaconia 'Sexy Pink' Sexy Pink Helaconia closeupHitomi’s hand at left shows some mechanic magic. A cut stem of Equisetum is filled with water and used as the ‘water tube’ for a cut stem of Anthurium. The design uses the full drama of several Helaconia “Sexy Pink” with green and pale pink Anthurium and Equisetum.


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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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