Brilliant! Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Windows

Tiffany Crystal FireworksThe crossroad of Fifty-seventh Street and Fifth Avenue is the last vestige of an elegant avenue of fashion.   Below Rockefeller Center, Fifth Avenue looks like any Mall USA. Tiffany’s, more of a mega tourist stop than the hallmark of carriage trade taste it once was, still delights for the holidays. This year giant crystal fireworks sparkle on the building.

 Harry Winston SparkesAcross the street at Harry Winston, a bright necklace and pendant shimmer around the building’s corner.

 Cystal BAll Window Christmas Window Crystal BallThe real star of this intersection are the holiday windows at Bergdorf Goodman. These towering windows draw crowds day and night. Mostly impossible to photograph because of so many reflected buildings, this year was even more difficult because they reflected and reflected. This window is called “Crystal Ball” for its fortune telling ladies.  Take a good look with this link: to see the large windows without glare.

Cyrstal Ball Fortune Telling HandThe theme was “Brilliant” in honor of the newly redo jewelry salon on the first floor. Millions of Swarkovski Crystals were used to create all the windows, large and small, on Fifth Ave and around the corner on 58th Street.   This palmistry hand is 6’ high, covered entirely with crystals.

 Treasured Christmas WindowThe best time to see and photograph the windows is just before dusk on a cloudy day. (Needless to say that wasn’t when I was there this year.) In “Treasured”, above, the challenge of the verticality is conquered by the figure of King Neptune, white pearls, and the fish, gray pearls. The head of the fish is very whale-like but behind Neptune, the tail is all scales.

Treasured TurtleThis magnificent turtle shows the attention to detail, all beautifully picked out in crystals.

 Glitterati Amythest cake for February Glitterati Blue cake for MarchGlitterati Ice cream coneGlitterati” is the theme of a sweets filled window.

 Swarkovski crystal lady In the Jaws of the CrocSmaller windows showcase the Swarkovski Crystals with luxurious accessories.

 58th Street WindowsThe 58th Street windows are monochromatic, one – emerald green, one – ruby red, and this silver ensemble. Crystal-shaped rotating structures revolve behind the fashions.

 The Crown JewelsI’m always enthralled by the Bergdorf windows but some are more my favorites than others. I would still volunteer to be a geriatric intern and work on them. They have much to tell about the use of a huge space to capture the eye. What do you suppose happens to all the ‘stuff’, and in this case, all those crystals?


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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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4 Responses to Brilliant! Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Windows

  1. Maria Elena Rooney says:

    Susan, thank you for bringing Bergdorf’s to me. It’s Christmas windows have delighted me for decades and since I won’t be up north for the holidays this year I thought I’d miss them. Maria Elena

  2. Alexandra says:

    Always look forward to seeing this post!! Beautiful windows!

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