Scare Crow Happy Halloween! This is the fourth Halloween for flowerflinging and for each one I  chronicle the annual scarecrows in the Salisbury (CT) Autumn Festival. This is my all-time favorite from years ago. Sadly, each year there are fewer and they are a little more commercial.

Choregiver ScarecrowScarecrow ‘Chris Choregiver’ is emblematic of the Chore Services Group of Sharon CT who provide home assistance to the elderly and incapacitated. This worker-scarecrow looks prepared for anything….house cleaning, laundry, transportation, yard work and cooking.

 Mr. Fixit & Miss Merry Maid‘Mr. Fixit and Miss Merry Maid’ scarecrows are the creation of the Interlaken Inn, which has been home to the Millbrook GC’s zone meeting and the GCA Board of Associates visitors.

 Oldtimers ScarecrowsIn front of the bank, The Salisbury Bank & Trust, Noble Horizons and the Alzheimer’s Association team up to present the ‘Old Timers’ scarecrows, covered with a plethora of pledges!

 Day of the Dead ScarecrowsI neglected to look at the label for this large group of what I take for Day-of-Dead scarecrows. The organizers supply the T-crossed frames for the scarecrows which can be used or not. Maybe the gent in the front is holding them all up.

Dutch  scarecrowSalisbury boasts two super bakeries almost side by side on Main Street. Sweet William offers up fantastic scones, cakes, cookies, and other sweet treats. Salisbury Breads supplies the freshest bread, rolls and pies, along with a big catering business. They made this scarecrow ‘Baker’ with a colander for a hat and crisp chef whites. Very tall too, like the owner.

blog Boo Salisbury School Knight Scarecrowblog Boo Salisbury School Horse scarecrowStanding proudly on the village green is the Salisbury School’s Crimson Knight (school mascot) on a horse of straw. This was the largest, and, in the voting, the fan favorite!

 The Barns HalloweenAt The Barns because we are rather isolated, we never have a trick-or-treater. I guess if one came, we have to give them money to buy the candy themselves!!  Happy Halloween.


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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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