Blooming Birthday, Part two

Centennial flowersIn the previous post, Blooming Birthday part one (see Archive) we were behind the scenes for the GCA Centennial dinner.

Designers at workOn Sunday June 2, an A-list of GCA floral designers came together to create over 80 flower arrangements.  Their enthusiasm never flagged and their talent never wavered!!  We are indebted to you all.

Cascades and Structures We began with the table designs.  We called them: Structure, Cascade, LED, Willow and Group. Huge worktables allowed plenty of room for the teams to work together for each of the five designs.

Circular flowersThe “Group” was the most intimate of the designs, using three containers, a cube, fat round and a tall vertical.

Roses and Green TrickThey held Cherry Brandy roses, Green Trick carnations and Chocolate anthuriums, linked by a sinuous golden wire, and sitting on a large round mirror and accented by a folded aspidistra leaf.

Underwater design with callasThe “Willow” was an underwater design using yellow mini calla lilies, curly willow, steel grass and yellow James Storie orhids in a swirling pattern from the base of the Target container to, and beyond the rim.  It is seen close up in the border on the website.

Golden designsWaiting to be delivered to their tables, this is a row of what we called “LED” designs

Voo Doo roses and Midori anthuriiumThey have a mixture of yellow callas, yellow leucospermum, Voo Doo roses, aspidistra leaves, green tulip anthuriums and yellow gloriosa lilies. They had tiny strings of amber LED lights cascading down in the vases.

Bright design with the table setWe turned them on just before the guests arrived.

Views of a roomIt was exciting to see the designs begin take their places in the various settings.

Foxtail Lilies and orchidsThe “Structures” proved easy to move. In the water-filled saucer, were strands of an unnamed water plant with a huge Obake anthurium called “Mauna Loa” plus, standing at attention, a tiny yellow calla lily.

Green Goddess Calla and ObakeEach ‘corner’ of the wooden structures held one type of flower:  Green Goddess calla lilies, yellow foxtail lily (Eremurus), a white lily, and perpendicularly a pandanus leaf with tawny James Storie orchids.  Some were anchored by pearl headed pins, some by glue dots and some with a cobweb of crinkly gold bullion wire.

Gloriosa and Foxtail liliesThe fifth design was a “Cascade” sitting on a slender glass vase filled with green stones and slightly tinted green water, resting on a brass charger.  Or perhaps I should say “glommed on” as we feared for their stability and put an array of glue dots under the glass to adhere it to the plate.

Cascade in a ballroomThis table design had the most material:  yellow roses, callas, pin cushion protea, eremurus, and gloriosa lilies; peach roses; ruscus and eucalyptus, all crammed into a 4.5” ball of Oasis which was taped on the container.

Welcome designOnce the forty-eight table designs were completed, they were moved out to the dinner tables, centered and given a final check.  We moved on to the single designs designated for each room.  This striking design was the first one guests saw when coming to the event.  A great welcome!

Orchids and lilies on the mantleUnique designs were created for many spaces.  This is the library mantle, awash in golden yellows and greens.  The chocolate anthurium is especially pleasing with the paneling of the room.  As we were running out of time and steam, we neglected to get many pictures so I don’t have one of the beautiful mantle where the many GCA photographs were taken.  Their glory will be in the official pictures for years to come.

Anthurium and mango callas This was one of two exuberant designs put on the window ledges in the gracious stairway.

Eremurus in the windowThey both used a combination of huge Mauna Loa Obake and chocolate anthuriums, mango calla lilies, yellow eremurus, golden James Storie orchids, steel grass and yellow gloriosa lilies.

Flowers on a pot standThis plant or pot stand holds a six-inch Oasis ball and a similar combination of plant material.  It was placed at the podium stage during cocktails.

flowers, flowers, flowersThis post is a grateful tribute to the many flower flingers who made this happen. You brought our ideas to life and then some.  Mrs. Flower Show reported that the flowers were the talk of the town.  You should be very proud of your accomplishments.  We thank you so very very much.

GCA cakeOne last time – Happy Birthday GCA.  Cheers!


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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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  1. Karen Detjens says:

    Hi Susan,
    Love seeing the beautiful creations you put together! Who is Mrs. Flower Show?:) Hope all is well with the East Coast Detjens crew! LOVE TO ALL! Karen

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