Bloom, Sunshine, Palm Beach

 BougainvillaAt the end of last week, I escaped the 40-degree rains and wind of New York City and flew to Palm Beach, FL. Heck, someone had to do it. I found warmth, blooms and sunshine…. a balm for this northern soul.

 Gates of the GardenThe Philip Hulitar Sculpture Garden at the Society of the Four Arts is an oasis of beautiful gardens dotted with striking sculptures. The land was saved from commercial development in 1968.

Dolphins in a PoolThe Pannill Pavilion is the background for this pool of dancing water jets centered on a sculpture of leaping dolphins. It sparkled in the bright sunshine.

 Franklin and WinstonMy travel reading was “Citizens of London” by Lynn Olson, an engrossing look WWII centering on three Americans (Ambassador John Winant, CBS journalist Edward R Murrow, and diplomat Averill Harriman). You can imagine my surprise to find Franklin and Winston in the garden (Laurence Holofcener’s 1992 bronze, “Allies”). What was fascinating about the three Americans in the book, was that they each had affairs with Churchill’s daughter-in-law or daughter! It seemed Churchill wasn’t above asking about any pillow talk either.

 Jim Dine SculptureThe most recent sculpture placed in the garden this Winter is “King Parrot”, by major sculptor Jim Dine, a striking form in painted cast bronze..

 Birds' Wing in the Garden Bird's Wing“Recovery”, a curvaceous bronze sculpture, was created by Grainger McKay, “This sculpture represents the right wing of a pin-tail duck in its recovery stroke the moment of its greatest weakness in flight, yet when it gathers strength for the journey ahead” reads the plaque.

Chinese Garden Scarlet Chinese GateTucked away is a Chinese Garden with this magnificent scarlet gate crowned by brilliant blue tiles.

 Chinese pool with turtleInside is a intimate small garden with charming details. Notice the bronze turtle sunning itself by the edge of the pool.

 Moon GateA beautiful moon gate allows views in and out of the garden.

 BromeliadsThe garden abounds with striking blooms like this pair of bromeliad flowers.

 Hulitar Garden PergolaThe sharp magenta pink of Bougainvilla flows over this stately pergola and glows in the sunshine.


About Susan

Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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4 Responses to Bloom, Sunshine, Palm Beach

  1. Sarah Ribeiro says:

    Oh you lucky girl….. ! How beautiful were all your pictures !

    • Susan says:

      Thanks Sarah – I was there to judge the GC of Palm Beach Flower Show — just wait til Thursday when you see the floral designs! Cheers Susan

  2. georgeanne rousseau says:

    Thank you for the trip to Florida, and the Gardner. Balm for the eyes filled with bare branches and piles of snow.

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