Black and White…

Berkshire dawningJanuary is a black and white kind of month.  The weather in 2014 is mercurial (pun intended) at best with snow all too soon washed away by rainstorms and fifty degree days.

Moon in the Pond Farm geese Snowstorms now have names!  Maybe someone can tell me the rationale behind this.  We have had one frigid vortex with perhaps another on the way.  These garrulous geese down the street have not been seen for weeks.  I am not going to inquire if they are in the barns or went to holiday dinner tables!

 Bloomingdale'sAt Bloomingdale’s in Manhattan, 2014 was welcomed with this sophisticated black and white combination of cascading mirrors, amaryllis and silver pine cones.

Berkshire Haunts Black, white with attendant grays, can make for striking design combinations like this one by The Editor in a class called “Fright Night” at “Berkshire Haunts Flower Show”.  For “Flora in Winter’” at the Worcester Art Museum, I am planning a design in black and white to interpret a somber portrait of a woman, which has similar coloring.

To visit:  January 23-26, 2014

Automotive tablescapeFrom my photo bank, black and white works well together to create this functional table setting from a GCA flower show.  With few black flowers available, black accessories and vases help complete the scheme.  The chrome adds sparkle.

Susan DetjensA beautifully glazed twisted vase holds hydrangea and holly in a tangle of reeds used for basket making.

Susan DetjensThe bark log from the last post (Logging On, Archive January 2014) is now the vase for a pot-et-fleur design, which mixes potted plants – cyclamen, frosted fern – with cut flowers – hydrangea, lily, tulips, more ferns and green button mums

Susan DetjensThe reverse side shows the ferns more clearly.  Each of the potted plants is in a small bag, so it may be watered easily.  The cyclamen is particularly thirsty.  The cut stems are in oasis or, like the hydrangea, in water jars where they are happier.

We’ll have more black and white, inside and out, all month!  Cheers!

About Susan

Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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