Birds of a feather…

Feathers will be flying as zillions of turkeys land on American tables on Thursday.  And yes, I know this isn’t a turkey.  It’s a Marans hen – they lay gorgeous mahogany colored eggs.  Here in the Berkshires, flocks of wild turkeys are often seen with their dark handsome plumage.  Designers use feathers for show girls and fashion, and we can use them to add zest and interest to floral designs.

This dynamic interpretation by the late, great Mrs. Gabby succeeds on every level to complement the painting beside it.  The dramatic drape of feathers echoes but doesn’t copy the checkerboard, draped cloth.  Red and yellow Parrot tulips, red bromeliads and several kinds of foliage complete the design.

A pheasant feather arcs over a colorful design low design that celebrates the season.  Created with the pave technique,   the flowers, peppers and the funghi are clustered together in groups, highlighting their contrasting textures.

A handmade bark covered container holds another seasonal design with long pheasant feathers, protea (Leucodendron ‘Safari Sunset’), pears, dried beech leaf branches and kiwi vine.  To create the the arc, the feather is pinned to the pear with a green pearl headed corsage pin.

Autumn colors created with broom, tawny orange mums, Rudbeckia seed heads, beech, and protea.  The heart of the design is a feather-fest-on-a-stick (from Michael’s) plus single pheasant feathers.  These are shorter and less tawny than the long ones used previously.

Even the smallest containers can hold feathers, here with beech and dried hydrangea which echoes the container.

Same arrangement, without the hydrangea, with a cluster of curled dried Japanese maples.  The long curved ‘sticks’ are porcupine quills. Which do you like better?

How about this stunning Turkey feather?

It is on a card produced a couple of villages away by a charming mother and daughter team called “SnoogsAndWilde”.

How beautiful is this?  Why not spend black Friday on the computer – these cards are on

From feathered designs with flowers, feathers on cards to the rage for feathered fascinator hats……………. birds of a feather will flock together.

Cheers and happy Thanksgiving to you and your flock!

About Susan

Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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  1. Sylvia says:

    These designs how the talents of the designers, but also the beauty of the autumn season. They are an inspiration for all!

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