Berkshire Haunts

Main Street, Stockbridge MAThe New York Times proclaimed this past weekend “peak-season” for autumn color in The Berkshires.  Living in the last southern mile of the ‘shires, I’d say it was past peak.  This photo was taken on the Main Street of Stockbridge, Norman Rockwell’s hometown last week.

THE STONE STORESheffield is the oldest town in The Berkshires, founded in 1724.  The Stone Store, restored by the Society, was home to “Berkshire Haunts” Flower Show produced by The Editor and the Lenox Garden Club at the Sheffield Historical Society.

Berkshire HauntsThe clever schedule highlighted Halloween and the SHS October events.

1867The talented Editor created atmospheric vignettes that created a great atmosphere for the show.

Berried branchesIn horticulture, old brick walls were a lovely background for berried branches…

Colorful perennials………..and perennials.

Mr. Jack O'Lantern firstFirst place in Floral Design CLASS 1. MR. JACK 0’ LANTERN Greetings! Mr. Jack O’ Lantern welcomes you to The Sheffield Historical Society and Berkshire Haunts Flower Show. A design incorporating a pumpkin…

Organic maskSecond place in CLASS 5. WHO’S THERE? The sound of the dead bolt unlatching could be heard, the heavy wood door slowly opened…it creaked and groaned, and there in the moonlight, a silhouette, dark and foreboding, stood in the doorway. A mask constructed out of fresh plant material staged on a form…

Fright Night firstBest in Show and Puckett Creativity Award CLASS 4. FRIGHT NIGHT It was a cold and an eerie night…when, without warning, a bolt of lightning lit the sky and illuminated the room; at that moment an apparition appeared. It hovered, and waited. A design on a 16” square…

Fright Night secondSecond FRIGHT NIGHT


Fright Night thirdThird FRIGHT NIGHT

Fright Night HMHM FRIGHT NIGHT  Even with the one-handed iPhone photos you can see FRIGHT NIGHT was a really exciting class.




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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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