Be Mine, Valentine!

anthurium and wiresLong term followers of the blog will remember flowerfinging Camp last August, (  where the focus was on structures.  I was completely captivated by a structure created by The Nominator and saving the instructions for it for a special post.

wires and toolsThe structure is made from super flexible colored aluminum wire from Oasis.  This wire comes in 14 different colors along with spools of matching 22 gauge wire. Available at

wires laid outGently uncoil lengths of the aluminum wire cutting them each the same length.  The number of lengths depends on how deep the finished design will be.  Each package of wire coils measures 39 feet/12m..

purple wiresPatience is needed to wire the lengths to each other.  One strand of the 22 gauge is looped and twisted between each long strand of wire.  The number of twists between the strands determines how open or close they are to each other.

wires and measureIt takes awhile to get in the rhythm of the twisting but you do get the hang of it and it goes faster.  I had to guess where I wanted to put the cross wires so I could get a nice space for my design.  Once the cross wires are in place, gather the ends of the long wires, press gently together with pliers and wrap the end with the 22 gauge wire, covering and tucking in the ends of the wires.  This finishes it off nicely.

purple curvy containerThe fun part is the final shaping of the piece.  You can roll it over your thigh to make a nice curve, that’s the scientific method!

pine cones and orchidsThis was created last November for the Short Hills GC.  The orchid stem is in a pine cone ornament filled with water, along with pine and real cones.

lilies and strawberriesIn New York City in January to suggest Valentine’s Day, I created a red wire form about the same size as the purple one.  They measure 36” long completely flat.

strawberries at GCAThe flowers were Gloriosa lilies and velvety anthurium leaves.  I couldn’t find any heart shaped chocolates, so I stole some strawberries off the dessert plates.

turquoise and orangeMy favorite is still The Nominator’s structure, here with orange roses. Look at all the swooping movement it has.  It must be a lot longer than 36”.  See how the cross wires are placed to help create the forms?  She has shaped the wires to create a bowl for the flowers.  As they say, “curves in all the right places”!

wire ship and EOr you can make a Viking ship!





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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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3 Responses to Be Mine, Valentine!

  1. Leslie Purple says:

    The red Valentine’s Day form is the very best!!!!

  2. Lisa Gerard says:

    Love it! Great to see it again and REALLY have a close up look at the mechanics.

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