Baskets of flowers, a May tradition…

Mother's Day AlliumPretty baskets of flowers are a May tradition.   What better day for them than Mother’s Day?

Pressed glassThe Victorians loved metal, porcelain and glass baskets for bouquets of mixed flowers of all kinds.  Long ago I collected these pressed glass baskets from the many antique stores in the Berkshires.  They are not expensive and many can be found on Ebay.

Roadside flowersOur roadsides are starting to bloom with wildflowers and emerging ferns.

Basket of flowersThese flowers are from my front garden:  Red primroses, Queen of the Night black tulips, a dark euphoriba, chartreuse flowered sedum, and ‘Actea’ narcissus or ‘Poeticus’ – can’t tell them apart and I have both.

tulip basketTo be able to use a lot of tulips, I need to go to the supermarket.  Tulips don’t last more than a couple of years here before they become small and then disappear.  The fiddleheads just show on the tops of the New York ferns.

Spring baskets Blue, yellow and green make a fresh spring scheme.  The yellow tulips are arranged with blue hydrangeas and agapanthus along with the ferns.

runner of flowersLining the table, they look pretty with a collection of blue and white porcelain pieces on a woven runner.  This is my first try at a panorama photo on my iPhone.

floralfocus.eduFor more tulip excitement, click below.   Floralfocus is a great site for exciting things in the floral world.  These photos at Keukenhof in Holland are beautiful.

Lilacs by Manet

Lilacs by Manet

Another floriferous blog for Mother’s Day is the excellent blog for artists created by my brother, Donald Jurney:  Today’s morning post, “Lilac Time” is a symphony of paintings of lilacs by a cavalcade of wonderful artists.  It has already been superceded by another post, but click on the link above, then scroll down and take a look.

Happy Mother’s Day!  Cheers!

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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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