American Beauty…timeless style part two

The Newport Flower ShowOne of the fascinating parts of the Newport Show is how the schedule writers work a story into each theme.   This year was no exception. Each Floral Design class had a capsule history lesson.

 American AutomobilesIn the Ballroom, a mobile design was described: “American Automobiles….tireless. America has been in love with the automobile since Henry Ford’s assembly line made it possible for most Americans to own a car. Ford’s invention make this conveyance commonplace.”  These were hanging designs which featured all sorts of automotive parts and accessories.

 American Novel FirstAmerican Novel SecondGreat American Novel – fearless was a tribute to Newport’s own Edith Wharton, America’s most celebrated female author, who summered here at Land’s End. The class description read “ to complement a named book title authored by the legendary Edith Wharton, who managed the difficult feat of being worldly, morally scrupulous and fearless all at the same time”.   The First and Second winners feature Ethan Frome and Summer, respectively.

 American Wedding Gown cascadeIn the center of the ballroom was a white painted wooden arbor with photographs of Jackie and Jack Kennedy on their wedding day in Newport in 1953. It was the centerpiece for the staging of American Wedding Gown – peerless. The exhibitors were asked to create a cascade design to celebrate Jackie Kennedy’s wedding. This lovely design is seen in two views, cascading down with vibrant roses and Ruscus.

 Cascade Bridal Bouquet FirstYards of white tulle and masses of orchids cascade from this arching design with a corresponding arc of bird’s nest ferns to capture first in the class.

Cascade Bridal Bouquet part oneAnother designer took advantage of the gracefully cascading Ruscus to weave this design with white Anthurium, bright roses and orchids.

 American Wedding Gown ThirdThe luscious color of the magnificent roses and peonies captured my interest so much I  put it in as the banner of the website. Surely Jackie would have loved these too.

American Paintings FIRST BIS NOVICEIt was a thrilling day for two Southern exhibitors, new to the Newport Show, to capture not only first in American Painting –wordless, but to go on to win the Newport Novice Award and ultimately Best In Show!!  And, no, the photo behind it has nothing to do with it.  Of this underwater design, the judges said “Creative, original interpretation of class enhanced by choice of pattern, color and texture for a cohesive design.”  Bravo!


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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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