American Beauty…timeless style part three

Marble HouseAlthough it was a bit of a damp night, it wasn’t raining for the Newport Flower Show’s Judges Cocktail Party and Dinner. Nothing could dampen our spirits at walking up the driveway and entering Marble House for the beautiful party! It was a wonderful dinner and a great prelude to judging the show.

American Arts & Crafts FIRSTAmerican Arts and Crafts – countless was staged in a gray niche with a challenging oval opening 32” wide and 28” wide, seen easily in the top photo. This class required all plant material be grown in the designer’s own garden and included a ceramic container or tile reminiscent of the Arts and Crafts period. First place, as you see, went to this design which included a beautiful celadon and brown container and a geometric background.

American Arts & Crafts Second Pardee Award with Rosa seraceaIt’s not often you see Rosa sericea ptericantha, Wingthorn Rose, much less in a flower arrangement. Also in the design was smoke bush, peach, peony, Spirea, Allium, Heuchera, and just left below, Baptisia sphaerocarpa ‘Screamin’ Yellow’ – can you imagine how beautiful this garden must be?? This design of unusual materials won the Bettie Barden Pardee Award for a design featuring all fresh plant grown and arranged by the exhibitor.

 American  Beauty Mass FirstAmerican Beauty mass designAmerican Beauty – timeless was a design class calling for a mass design in tribute to George Bancroft in whose garden in the original Rosecliff the American Beauty Rose was first discovered. The designers had to create traditional mass designs which included roses, inspired by the timeless American Beauty Rose.

American Bridesmaid FIRSTAmerican Bridesmaid  SECONDWith wedding cakes and wedding dresses, could bouquets be far behind? American Bridesmaid – strapless focused for a bridesmaid’s bouquet to today’s times ‘that a bridesmaid would be happy to carry’. These two designs captured the stylishness of today’s bouquets with asymmetrical designs and contemporary grouping of flowers.

 July FourthHappy Fourth of July!! Cheers!

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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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  1. Maria Elena Rooney says:

    Wow! Beautiful pictures of a spectacular show!

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